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The couple hangs out together and they play together — all efforts to get to know each other and maximize their experiences. There’s nothing that keeps a man there, except that he wants to be there. As a girlfriend, there are a few things you know for sure: 1) Your man can leave you at any time, so you have to maintain your hotness. Wives are the queens, and while that is a revered position, hers is a more stately and administrative role. It’s very exciting and suspenseful – especially for the couples’ family and friends, who are voyeuristically sitting back with bowls of popcorn, watching, wondering and making suppositions as to whether or not the couple will “make it.” Wives are serious. The couple has crossed the marital finish line, and it’s time to start building a life together. 2) If he does leave you, you’ll need the ability to attract a new one.

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I would wonder how many black SAHMs there are compared to how many BW have chronically unemployed stay at home (in)significant others.

In this “help a brotha out” culture, I’m sure this is quite a common scenario.

“When you follow the herd and the herd is going the wrong way, going down that wrong path, it might be detrimental to your success,” Cobb said when asked how she’d respond to the copy cat students.

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It’s just a matter of time.] However, even those men (of all races and ethnic groups) who do want to function as protectors and providers are less inclined to feel protective of un-women and “Sister Soldiers.” Further, un-women and Sister Soldiers have problems escaping the horrors of the numerically imbalanced, radioactive all-Black dating scene into the wider world.

Quality men are repelled by coarse she-males and un-women.

Here are the differences, as I see them: Girlfriends are fun. I really REALLY hate hearing a man refer to his wife as “the old ball and chain,” or complaining because his wife is keeping him from doing something he’d rather be doing. I’d be a gazillionaire if I had a dollar for every time I heard “I can’t that night. There’s less of a commitment to sexiness, and the complaint is that the “girlfriend version” is much hotter than the “wife version.” Girlfriends are pursued. Men are known to make grand gestures to further engage a woman. Men aren’t interested in pursuing what they’ve already won. Disclaimer – if you’ve been in a long-term relationship for several years, you might have defaulted to spouse status without the legal paperwork.

When a man goes public with a girlfriend, everyone is happy for him. ” they exclaim, “he has someone to have fun with, who’s good for him.” If they like her, his friends will be excited to witness the relationship unfold and see where it leads. In most cases, there are no children to remain for. There’s an event that my wife is making me attend” or “I’d better not, or my wife will kill me.” Unfortunately, I rarely hear a married man say “I can’t WAIT to get home to my wife.” Girlfriends are keeping it sexy. I’ve known men to completely change their behavior and demeanor once they’ve “closed the deal.” (To be fair, men don’t typically pursue any girlfriend they’ve had over six months.) Girlfriends are supposed to be treated like princesses, who are youthful and to be indulged.

Cobb sighted working the corner,” implying that the teacher is a prostitute.


  1. “We’re just enjoying each other, you know,” he explained. I met her a couple weeks ago at a performance I did at Power 106, and we’ve just been friends ever since.” Previously, Barker, 39, revealed that he bonded with Ora, 24, over their shared love of music.

  2. This time, there’s no dead moms to get in the way of happiness and everlasting love.

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