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Sources have also revealed that an elaborate cast of extras, acting as fellow clubbers, barmen and doormen, were drafted in to help build the illusion.

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A committee of the Dublin parliament and a number of human rights groups have also raised concerns about the practice of strip-searching at Maghaberry.

Mr Mc Carthy said it is a violation of the European Human Rights Convention.

Other items which have recently been banned include the DVD of the historical documentary ’66 days’ on the 1981 hunger strike.

It was prohibited just days before it was broadcast on the BBC.

However, the book was refused to prisoner Connor Highes and then banned by the prison authorities, ostensibly on account of the cover image which appears on the book.

A spokesperson for prisoner support group Cogus said Hughes had been told it was due to the “outline of an old 50s rifle” on the cover.

We never comment on memberships and we would never allow filming, even during the day, in the VIP lounge.’The nearby champagne bar Beaufort House, a favourite of Chelsy Davy, has banned the cast from setting up scenes – as have royal favourites Barts, Maggie’s, Boujis and Public – owned by Prince William’s best friend Guy Pelly.

Posted by Jim on February 10, 2018 Sinister agenda of prison authorities Republican prisoners have condemned the authorities in Maghaberry prison over a new clampdown on educational and historical materials at the jail.

It is the heavily hyped TV show which is meant to keep up with the antics of some of the poshest people in Britain.


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