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It is very effective because it is executed at the end of the script but before any object destruction, so all instantiations are still alive. You can achieve similar results by using auto_append_file in the or .htaccess file:(php.ini)auto_append_file = /my-auto-append-file.php(.htaccess)php_value auto_append_file /When using CLI ( and perhaps command line without CLI - I didn't test it) the shutdown function doesn't get called if the process gets a SIGINT or SIGTERM.

Here's a simple shutdown events manager class which allows to manage either functions or static/dynamic methods, with an indefinite number of arguments without using any reflection, availing on a internal handling through func_get_args() and call_user_func_array() specific functions: It is easy to guess how to extend this example in a more complex context in which user defined functions and methods should be handled according to the priority depending on specific variables. only the natural exit of PHP calls the shutdown function.

Unfortunately, these functions will not work inside a shutdown function.

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In PHP 5.1.2 (not sure when the change occurred) the shutdown function is called before the output buffering callback.

Test code: You definitely need to be careful about using relative paths in after the shutdown function has been called, but the current working directory doesn't (necessarily) get changed to the web server's Server Root - I've tested on two different servers and they both have their CWD changed to '/' (which isn't the Server Root).

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If you want to do something with files in function, that registered in register_shutdown_function(), use ABSOLUTE paths to files instead of relative.

Because when script processing is complete current working directory chages to Server Root (see httpd.conf) The following function register_close_function should reproduce the former php behavior of closing the connection before executing the shutdown handler, based on the code posted by sts at mail dot xubion dot hu. Use this small snippet inside your bootstrap in order to always have a way to know reliably what was the last page of your site that the user have visited, without having to use $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'].Nach Ablauf der 30 Minuten können Sie wählen, ob Sie mit dem Hot Spot der Telekom weitersurfen möchten.Nach Ablauf der 30 Minuten bietet die Telekom verschiedene Tarifvarianten zur weiteren Nutzung an. An Bahnhöfen ohne DB Information helfen Ihnen unsere mobilen Service-Mitarbeiter gerne weiter. Auf dem Bahnhof stehen Ihnen unsere mobilen Service-Mitarbeiter mit Rat und Tat zur Seite.Achten Sie auf die rote Mütze mit der Aufschrift „Service“.Just a note to say that if your function uses paths relative to the script you are running (ie.

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