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teenage boy) can mean the difference between a real friendship, relationship and a superficial one.

Never assume a teenage boy is just one thing or thinking about only one thing.

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The study suggested that love, a desire for real relationships with girls and strong friendships among their peers motivate teenage boys as much as or more than sex does. About 40 percent of the boys surveyed were sexually active and most had either dated or were in the process of dating.

The boys were surveyed by psychologists and researchers about everything from why they asked a girl out to what their goals were with a physical relationship.

It is normal for teen boys to separate their identities from their family and begin to develop their own identity.

This can sometimes cause conflicts between teens and their parents as teens choose to act rebelliously and parents struggle to let their teens be more independent while still guiding them.

All healthy teen boys go through puberty, which is the time when their bodies begin to mature sexually.

The years following the onset of puberty are called adolescence, a time when a teen boy’s body and mind develop toward adulthood.Take the time to get to know the guy you like because the best relationships often begin with friendship.When it comes to teenage relationships, your parents can be the best facilitators by helping their sons and daughters navigate the troubled waters of building, maintaining and even repairing relationships.Girls may rely on stereotypes and pop culture descriptions that show teenage boys as moonfaced with sex to the point that they have no interest in anything that isn't directly related to sex.You might be happy to know that this misconception is just that, A 2008 study reported by the Journal of Adolescence actually disagreed with the stereotype.The first step to getting to know what a teenage boy is thinking is to not assume it's about one thing and one thing only.

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