Two intimidating aqha

To give riders an incentive to wait to campaign this type of horse until the age of three or older, Cecilia contributes ,000 in added money to the Hylton Maiden each year.

The total payout in 2015 was ,050, more than any other futurity class of its kind. She will continue to do this year after year, as long as the Western Pleasure industry keeps supporting it.” In addition to the Hylton Maiden, everyone at HQH is excited about the future of their stallion line-up: Doya Think Im Flashy, Slip Slydun Away, and the 2004 AQHA World Champion Stallion Invitation To Flash.

He should not carry his head behind the vertical, giving the appearance of intimidation, or be excessively nosed out, giving a resistant appearance.

“But in the recent, five years or so, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the headsets.” WESTERN PLEASURE Straight from the AQHA 2016 Official Rulebook: (excerpts that relate to head carriage) …

He should carry his head and neck in a relaxed, natural position, with his poll level with or slightly above the level of the withers.

That’s going to put his head and neck where our rulebook states in order to perform the lope to earn maximum credit from the judge. “The more balanced the horse is the easier it will be for him.” The gait faults we see such as dwelling the front leg, leaving the off hock behind, or head bobbing all show up in a horse that’s not balanced and correct.

Having the head and neck where the poll is level or slightly above the level of the withers is going to give that horse room to be in a correct frame. Watching the classes at the recent 2015 AQHA Lucas Oil World Championship Show, Ross was extremely pleased with the classes and the horses overall in all of the Western Pleasure classes.

The whole concept came about in order to let horses mature at a slower pace and continue to be a benefit to the industry for a long time.” Here at Hylton Quarter Horses, they certainly practice what they preach.

In 2015, the farm entered a horse in the Masters Two-Year-Old Western Pleasure at the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

In 2016, it’s estimated the winner will walk away with ,500, as based on a 20-entry average. “Flash’s oldest babies are three this year, and we’re letting them mature at their own pace to make sure they’re ready for the show pen,” Lucas says.

“We have one in particular in mind for the three-year-old and novice horse classes. The best assets he passes along are really good conformation and trainability.” Cash adds, “All of the colts I’ve started so far don’t have a lot of fight or fuss to them. To me, as a trainer, that’s the best asset a horse can have.

We’ve had a very high success rate with this type of program,” he says.

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