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This natural look can natural indeed, it’s just a question of whether a wax polish is going to be durable enough.

Internal doors, for example are considered, by most people, to be ideal for finishing with a wax, where as a floor will look nice once waxed but regular maintenance is required, so most people don’t opt for wax for this reason.

It has always been a popular wood in The UK, but in recent times it is even more widely used in construction and also as internal fixtures in clubs and gyms etc.

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"Splurge on a cruise, or go to a super-fun place like Las Vegas or Hawaii," she says.

"That way you have something to look forward to throughout the season."8.

"When you're only a little sad, the best medicine is to get out and be with friends," says Dr. Don't obsess about not being part of a couple; partners don't stay connected at the hip at a party, anyway. "People have so many obligations around the holidays—it's totally acceptable to party hop," says Dr. Goldberg, admitting that it doesn't hurt if they have brothers, cousins or single friends.5. Take it upon yourself to host a gathering, whether it's a girls-only tree-trimming or a co-ed potluck brunch, says Dr. "It should be an event that wouldn't necessarily appeal to people in a relationship or with families."6. Rely on other single friends for activity ideas; they know how to have a good time. Check online dating sites for singles parties and speed-dating events between now and New Year's—it's a popular time for new romance. Get out of town."Go somewhere for yourself, but not by yourself," says Dr. Take a ski trip with a girlfriend who's willing to make new memories with you.

"Just as they mingle and chat all night long, so can you," says Dr. If you're recovering from a breakup, think back about the hobbies you used to enjoy that you didn't have time for during the relationship, says Dr. Reclaim your former passions and interests—you weren't born part of a couple. If you can swing it, says Lorraine, try to go over New Year's Eve.

It's not easy being single during the holiday season.

Between couples canoodling at cocktail parties, intrusive questions about your love life (or lack thereof) from well-meaning family members and midnight kisses on New Year's Eve, the romantically unattached may feel like hibernating until January 2.

Decide how you'll answer tough questions at gatherings."Plan ahead so you don't get hit with an inquiry that makes you feel alone, abandoned or sad," says Dr. This is especially important for events that you used to attend with a partner, since people will naturally wonder why your ex isn't with you.

Rehearse a concise, neutral comment: "I'm single these days," or "It didn't work out." Avoid judgment, anger or hostility, which can make others uncomfortable.9.

Oak (or quercus as it is known in Latin) is a hardwood with some 400 known species.

If you haven’t already read part 1, feel free to go check it out here: All about Pine Wood.

‘mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ should be ‘mighty oaks from little Osmo 420 extra offers UV resistance and also contains biocide which is important for external timbers as it prevents the wood from becoming diseased with wet rot, dry rot and blue stone etc.


  1. Re-registration You can re-register your child if you get married to their natural father.

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