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If the oak needs to be made darker then hard wax oil is ideal because it colours and protects the wood in the same application.

It is always good to try and finish with a clear coat if possible because if the wood gets scratched it is the clear coat that scratches before the coloured coat and therefore the scratch is not as noticeable.

The look achieved when the wood is wet is very close to how it will look once a clear varnish or a clear oil has been applied.

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It can be even more difficult if you're newly single.

But experts say there are plenty of ways to boost your solo spirit.

"Instead, look for new ways to celebrate that won't remind you of the relationship." If you've always cooked a ham, for example, try a turkey. Find a new neighborhood to visit for holiday lights on Christmas Eve—or scratch that tradition entirely and go to the movies.2. Women who thrive on socializing will enjoy almost any event despite their single status, says Dr. But if you're introverted or feeling especially down and out, "just tell party hosts you have other plans," says Dr. Or if you're worried a dinner will be full of couples, ask the host outright if you'll be the only single person, recommends Carol Goldberg, Ph D, a psychologist and host and producer of the cable TV show .

Try: "I'm glad you invited me, but I'm not comfortable in that type of setting right now." Your friend will understand.

"The last thing you want is to be at a place where everyone has a partner but you," says San Diego–based dating coach De Anna Lorraine. Scrutinize the invitation for clues or check out last year's event photos online.3. Another advantage to accepting invitations: You never know whom you'll meet. Goldberg cautions against setting yourself up for disappointment.

If there's a chance you'll have fun, go to the party. "Whatever the event, it should be something you enjoy for the sake of the activity itself, not for making a romantic connection," she says. "View it as an opportunity to meet new girlfriends," says Dr. "Make it a 'Calling All Singles' party and hire entertainment—an acoustic singer, a wine connoisseur, even a stripper if you're bold," says Lorraine.

If so, a scrub with Osmo wood reviver (which contains oxalic acid, amongst other active ingredients). This is not just a case of simply applying ‘clear products’ as they bring out the natural colours of the wood, thus making it little darker and more golden.

A very good indication of how your oak will look once it has been finished with a ‘clear’ coat is to apply water to a test area.

This natural look can natural indeed, it’s just a question of whether a wax polish is going to be durable enough.


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