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Recently Microsoft rolled out the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade for the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system.Nokia announced that this upgrade will be available for their mobile phones during the first three weeks of the February 2013.Intended to be the primary method for managing content on the Zune, the official Zune software allows you to change Zune settings, add or delete files, and update the Zune firmware.

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First of all you need to turn off the Wi Fi (Settings – Off) on your mobile phone.

In the second step you need to connect your Windows Phone to the Zune software.

While the Zune only supports WMA and MP3 audio formats, Windows Media Player will automatically convert incompatible files to a playable format for the Zune.

Drag and drop the songs you want on the Zune into the "List" section below the Sync button.

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One of which is old and hasn't been updated in a couple of weeks, and one of which is current.

Zune software is included with the Zune and is available for a free download.

Unfortunately, it is also possible that the update may never come for your mobile phone.

Anyway, you should check the official announcements form Nokia and Microsoft.

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