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It wasn’t long ago that I’d get annoyed when music skipped on Discman as I walked to school. That's when we It's not hard to get conspiratorial about just why Apple doesn't want us to have i Pods.

I buy music directly from my phone, just so I don't have to deal with i Tunes, a program that somehow gets more hellishly slow and unusable with every software update. The stated reason for the i Pod Classic's demise was that its parts were no longer easily available to Apple for manufacturing, and that demand wasn't high enough to create new ones.

And I'm sure part of the mad scramble for i Pod Classics is their perceived rarity.

) that boasts a weird triangular shape and the option to buy high-quality versions of the albums you already own.

It all feels very imperfect, which means I'm probably stuck getting increasingly frustrated with i Tunes and groaning audibly when an album I want to listen to isn't streaming on Spotify.

I'm so used to it, but when I think about it for a second, I realize how that is (and yes, I know I can turn my phone sounds off, but sometimes I have to be alerted to things quickly).

Apologies if I sound like Andy Rooney, but the truth is I’m not railing against newfangled tech or yearning for a distant past—I’m frustrated to have to abandon a recent solution.

In fact, as we reported earlier this week, it is even possible to upgrade your i Pod's storage to use a SSD of up to 1TB in size, which is far beyond even the top i Phones. It turns out there's a vibrant community devising DIY i Pod Classic hacks, working tirelessly to improve the veteran player.

Here are some of the best hacks we've seen for i Pods with clickwheels - including both earlier generations of i Pod right up until the 6th generation i Pod Classic.I understand technology marches forward but why is EVERYTHING geared towards streaming/cloud and moving away from those of us (are there are many) who own their own music and have to intention or need to "stream" or store their music in the cloud.Hey Sonos - can you not figure out a way to keep the simple metadata on us users who have purchased your products? If you can keep artist/title/album, why can't you show me the album artwork???So if "Boston-More Than A Feeling" is playing, it shows the artwork embedded in the song.I still see the artwork if I use the i Touch, but since this update I am not seeing album artwork via the docked i Pod.But the surge of demand for old i Pods suggests what I've long been thinking: There's a hole in the market here. The question is whether Apple will realize its mistake or some other company will do it for them.


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