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They will also be able to learn each other’s language, food, religion, their music, fashion and arts.Genetics: Children that are born into interracial marriages inherit the best side of their parents’ genes.

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Advantages and disadvantages of interracial dating

In other to avoid clashes, it is important for interracial couples to compromise in the areas that they disagree and come together in the areas that they agree on.

Both Families may have difficulties interacting: Both families may have difficulties in interacting and relating well with each other due to differences in language, accent and intonation and stress pattern in their various languages.

Attract unnecessary attention: Interracial couple tend to attract abnormal attention from people.

For instance most people stare at them when they are together in a public place.

In the US alone, multiracial marriage had increased to about 10 times from 1970 to year 2000 which significantly proves that interracial marriages have undergone a big transformation over the past generations.

And people’s perception over this issue is undoubtedly taking a positive spin that’s why interracial marriages are flourishing.

Therefore, it is important to be well inform and aware of the advantages and disadvantages involved with interracial marriages before taking the big step.

Some advantages of interracial marriage include but not limited to: It enables the couple the opportunity to learn the uniqueness of each other’s culture, understand each other ethics, moral standards and way of life.

(Exogamy is considered a social arrangement where marriage is allowed only outside a social group, community, clan or tribe) Interracial marriage can also be referred to as mixed or intercultural marriage.

Most people do not give any consideration to skin colour, tribe or religion when choosing their life partner, while others put all these factors into consideration before choosing their mate.

They may not be too accepting the choice of a life partner for several reasons, for some, they simply feel uncomfortable interacting with people from different race.

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