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I was totally cool and unaffected by her words, you know why?Because I know opinions aren’t always facts and two, because i know lots of girls use emotions to manipulate directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously.

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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Romance / Nigeria Girls How To Date Them (7581 Views) Disadvantages Of Ladies With Stretch Marks. / White Woman Exposes The Sickness Of Desperate Black Males That Date Them / Nigerian Women If U Love White Men Just Go Ahead And Date Them (1) (2) (3) (4) Nigerian Girls... Dating Nigerian girls and being able to handle them effectively is one of the few problems of a young Nigerian male, A Nigerian girl, like every other girl in the world is always out to get the best from the crowd, If I am a girl, I world also hope to get the best.

Women generally wants to get the best of all that came knocking,you know pretty girls have lots of men knocking on their door and they are not definitely going to open to everyone that did knock,they are looking for the best, they are going to flung the door wide-open only for the best guy or should I say..toughest guy. here is the basic ingredient required for getting a Nigerian girl and every other pretty face out there in the world.

Confidence plays an important role in dating and effective communication with women. Most guys that are successful with women are often the bad guys..kind of guys the nice guys call the bad guys, but the get most of the beautiful girls The bad guys don't usually give lots of compliments, they don't treat women like gold but they still have pretty girls beat a path to their homes.

I once got a mail from a guy about another guy who is trying to take away his girlfriend, according to the guy the intruder is just using his girl friend, he is pretty sure he doesn't love her that's actually why he mailed me - to inquire why his girlfriend is falling for a public jerk, who everybody know to be a bad guy.

Sometimes what you attract is a reflection of who you are.

All I can say is I'm dating a Nigerian girl and I'm loving it I'm just sorry the OP is just so unfortunate to have met so many wrong girls and has taken to stereotype all Nigerian girls, smh.So I wasn’t even moved by her words at all, I was just saying “ok”, ” alright” and smiling, I wasnt even feeling bad or angry at all, that’s because I have total control of my emotions and I would never give anybody power over my emotions.6)Always use you brain, be smart.Be smart but try not to be too smart because not everything are the way they seems, you just have to thread carefully, always be at your best , no one says emotions are bad, but the more you intercept your emotions with your logic , the better for you.Don’t completely throw away your emotions , they are very useful and they tell you lots of things from your mind, but always be ready to analyze your emotions, be at peace with yourself. Get more from my blog it keeps coming tank u No one ever talks bou ow guys go bou to bad mouth a girl for their own satisfaction nobody is a saint God never created only nigerian girls If we not good for u please date anoda girl from anoda country stop givin us headache please God designed it in a way dat its nt every nigerian guy dat will marry a nigerian lady if u one of them we dont care atall OP you did well,cause am tried of hearing stuffs like he/she broke my heart or people committing suicide cause their lover left them . because no be only guys dey suffer for ladies hand, ladies too dey suffer for guys hand.This advice is not just for guys alone, Ladies take note. But I also think you should change your topic to : "Things You Should Never Do When Dating"I refuse to agree with the OP on number 1.And that is probably the last thing I would be talking about here..what you are doing!! Nigerian girls and every other girl out there wants to hang out with the guy that knows what he is doing.

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