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Ellsberg surrendered to authorities and was charged as a spy. On July 28, 2015, Pollard's lawyer announced that the convicted spy had been granted parole and would be released on November 21 -- exactly 30 years after his arrest.During his trial, the court learned that President Richard Nixon's administration had embarked on a campaign to discredit Ellsberg, illegally wiretapping him and breaking into his psychiatrist's office. Since then he has lived a relatively quiet life as a respected author and lecturer. Wen Ho Lee was a scientist at the Los Alamos Laboratory in New Mexico who was charged with 59 counts of downloading classified information onto computer tapes and passing it to China.Navy and Defense officials said that Walker enabled the Soviet Union to unscramble military communications and pinpoint the location of U. Click through the gallery to see other high-profile leak scandals the United States has seen over the years.

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Robust oversight of the program must be completed to ensure that both national security and the Constitution are protected."In one 2004 case, a civilian employee told NSA security that she had spied on a foreign phone number because she found it on her husband's cell phone and suspected he was being unfaithful. The employee's infraction was referred to the Justice Department, but she resigned before she could be fired.

He queried six e-mail addresses belonging to a former girlfriend.

He was arrested after making a drop in a Virginia park in 2001. Bradley Manning was convicted July 30 of stealing and disseminating 750,000 pages of classified documents and videos to Wiki Leaks, and the counts against him included violations of the Espionage Act.

He was found guilty of 20 of the 22 charges but acquitted of the most serious charge -- aiding the enemy. National Security Agency to track cell phone calls and monitor the e-mail and Internet traffic of virtually all Americans.

He told investigators he wanted "to practice on the system" using his former girlfriend's e-mail addresses and that he received no information, and hadn't read any emails.

He was demoted and his pay was reduced, and the NSA's inspector general recommended he not be given a security clearance.

The National Security Agency's internal watchdog detailed a dozen instances in the past decade in which its employees intentionally misused the agency's surveillance power, in some cases to snoop on their love interests.

A letter from the NSA's inspector general responding to a request by Sen.

In 1981, Hanssen's wife caught him with classified documents and convinced him to stop spying, but he started passing secrets to the Soviets again four years later.

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