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It had only been like this for the last few months, before that our sex life was dynamite, there was nothing off limits to us and we would routinely make love for hours.

We'd had a similar episode early on in our marriage, a few months where he'd taken to sleeping in the spare room and avoiding my attempts at seduction.

Everything coalesced in that night, chemistry, lust, passion and we had the kind of sex people dream about.

It was hot and sweaty and in his arms I was a wild woman.

Sitting in the bar of a very upscale hotel we drank champagne and talked about business and my goals for my career when he leaned forward and told me he wanted to fuck me.

Within 10 minutes we were inside the penthouse suite and he was inside me and it felt incredible.

I'd had my suspicions that he was cheating, no-one works hours that long, not even him.

We still had sex but it was perfunctory, vanilla sex.

I knew he was married, I knew he was older and I knew he was my boss.

I had been hired because of my reputation for getting things done, and in that instant he was what I wanted to do. A few weeks of flirtatious looks and increasingly lower cut tops and suddenly I was invited out for drinks to "celebrate" my first month in the job.

I'd addressed it then and he'd told me he was stressing out over the corporate takeover he was overseeing and that he didn't want to take it out on me.


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