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Despite being very broad-shouldered and British, executive chef Mark Edwards was a master, and every mouthful made the tastebuds shiver with pure delight. This time a hotel, with a mega-million pound kitout and ‘signature’ cocktails. Tiny tacos filled with crab and tuna with jalapeno salsa stand out, bright, fresh and punchy, a taste of old Nobu.

Enough, almost, to justify prices so high they often needed their own oxygen tanks. There are dozens of Japanese places, from three-Michelin-starred magnificence to the high-street charms of Itsu. Opened in Shoreditch, a place that these days only an estate agent could call ‘cool’. And a wonderful king crab leg, all taught, tight, sweet flesh, with a filthy smudge of sea urchin. Yellowtail with jalapeno, though, has lost its charm, just as the chilli has lost its bite. Not so much a passionate smack on the lips as sterile peck on the cheek.

Dinner cooked by Richard Corrigan, Nigel Howarth, Lisa Allen and Paul Heathcote at Blackburn Rovers for the Reg Johnson Foundation.

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Nobu Matsuhisa was the man who turned Nikkei food (a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian) from little known character actor into international superstar.

Sure, it helped that his business partner was Robert De Niro, who supplied the requisite Hollywood sheen.

But glamour ain’t edible and at Nobu, it was always about the food.

Yellowtail with jalapeno, a dish of clean, lithe perfection; black cod, forever copied, but never really bettered; rock shrimp tempura, crisp and plump and dunked into that creamy, slyly punchy dip; sashimi salad with the exquisite Matsuhisa dressing and toro tartare with caviar.

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Informamos que durante o feriado prolongado de Carnaval e na quarta-feira de cinzas, no haver expediente nas unidades regionais e na sede do CRMV-SP, em So Paulo.

Portanto, o atendimento ser encerrado s 16h de sexta-feira (9) e as atividades voltam ao normal s 8h de quinta-feira (15).

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And here, that line is not just crossed, but trampled. By the end, the only thing that really stands out is the size of the bill. And nowadays, when compared to the likes of Roka, Sushi Shiori and Dinings, this Nobu just doesn’t come close. It’s too expensive for the kids down Hackney way, and too noisy for those who don’t balk at £100 per head bills.

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