States mandating colonoscopy Grandmas phone chat in australia

and at the same time criticizes Sure Touch and thermography as prescreening, while ignoring that they are done by highly trained practitioners eg nurses and radiographers, and have many evidence-based studies supporting their use.

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Clinical breast examination is considered PMB level of care.

“which confirms what we tabulated 2 years ago from 11 comparative trials, that in 6 comparative trials, Sure Touch was equal to or better (sensitivity vs specificity vs accuracy) overall than xray mammography, ultrasound or clinical exam; clinical exam plus one if not two of the nonxray screenings greatly improve risk assessment before deciding whether mammography- or lump excision- is warranted. that ignores the tsunami of expert evidence showing that xray mammography actually does more harm than good, and overall doesnt save lives.

There is a syllogism at the heart of the diagnosis of cancer and therefore runs like this; people frequently die from malignant disease, under the microscope this malignant disease has many histological features we will call ‘cancer,’ ergo anything that looks like ‘cancer’ under the microscope, will kill you.

I would therefore like to restate the argument, that some of these earliest stages of ‘cancer’ if left unperturbed, would not progress to a disease with lethal potential.

If we choose to ignore these observations, because they fail to support our ideological belief system, then we will have missed an opportunity of a lifetime and that would be unforgivable.

Chinese women tend to have small and dense breasts and ultrasound is a common method for breast cancer screening in China.

Prolonged latency followed by catastrophe should not be all that surprising.

We accept the case for prostate cancer, as we know that most elderly men will die with prostate cancer in situ and not die of prostate cancer.

The beauty of the tree in full leaf and the symmetry of a sprig of broccoli, reflect their fractal geometry that looks remarkably similar to the appearance of the mammary ducts and lobules under the microscope.

The rate of growth and the development of the lung along with the fingers and toes in the fetus cannot be described in linear terms.

This was considered so self-evident as to have been translated into an ideological expression of faith. The national breast screening programmes around the world have provided us with a natural experiment of the greatest historical importance, first, because it failed to deliver and, second, because of the recognition that mammography in asymptomatic women leads to the over-diagnosis of ‘pseudo-cancers’.


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