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Washing and toilet facilities were placed in sanitary towers on the north side.

County of Northampton: Barby with Olney, Clay Coton, Crick (2), Elkington, Kilsby, Lilbourn [Lilbourne], Stanford, Yelvertoft.

County of Leicester: Westrill and Starmore (Lutterworth union from 1895).

Later Additions: Brinklow (from c.1837), Easenhall (from c.1837).

The population falling within the Union at the 1831 census had been 16,668 with parishes ranging in size from Westrill and Stromore (population 7) to Rugby itself (2,501).

The sleeping quarters were fitted out with 50 iron bedsteads each with deal bottoms, straw bolsters, a blanket and two sheets.

As the workhouse was intended to accommodate up to 120 inmates, a certain amount of bed-sharing was to be expected, particularly amongst children.

The workhouse location and layout are shown on the 1903 map below. (Prior to 1896, vagrants were accommodated in part of the east wing of the main building.) Rugby casual ward and entrance block from the north-west, c.1914. The building at the west of the entrance had a much more elegant design and contained the Union offices on the ground floor and Guardians' board room on the first floor.

The board room also doubled as a chapel for the workhouse.

Male inmates were given the task of making hemp sacks, while females did spinning.

The Union gradually expanded and by 1821 comprised 21 parishes.

Females were placed at the west of the workhouse and men at the east.

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