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A religious group can bring people together, but religion also has a violent history as the driving force behind acts of genocide and oppression.

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Witchcraft uses magic by casting spells, sometimes affiliated with spirits.

Despite the stereotypes of European American witchcraft, most witchcraft is quite tame and does not involve the hurting of others.

Taking an evolutionary approach to spirituality, he proposed that human belief progressed through three stages: primitive magic, which was displaced by religion, which in turn was replaced by science.

Imitative magic (also known as Similarity Magic) Is a form of magic in which an object, act, etc.

Contagious magic is still practiced today throughout the world.

Many people still use puppets (much like voodoo dolls) or make symbolic offerings (images, money, candles and representations of babies or body part or a myriad of other public displays of devotion (the supplicants to the Sanctuary of Fátima or at Mecca) which are made with someone's personal possessions in order to draw positive energy into that person's life.In one instance, she helps a young women's relationship with her husband.The husband is cheating on his wife, so Moma Lola tells her to write his name on a piece of paper, tear it up, and speak his name.Most use religion as a way to achieve and ensure salvation in the afterlife, or to receive assurance of the purpose of their own lives.Spirituality often provides its followers with moral standards or expectations of how they should live and treat others.There are many different ways cultures conceptualize their spiritual beings.

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