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The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a process methodology for software development.

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They are also expected to be able to analyze, integrate, and transform these needs into system requirements as well as to facilitate stakeholder engagement on and resolution of requirements.

MITRE (SEs) are expected to be able to tailor the principles of requirements elicitation to different development methodologies (waterfall, spiral, agile, etc.).

Gather information on previous projects, successful or not, that share characteristics with the new project.

Review their system specifications and other technical documents, if they exist.

Review data generated during enterprise and concept analysis, and review any business case and decision briefings for the project.

Become familiar with historical information, organizational policies, standards, and regulations that may affect requirements and impose constraints.

Activities may be added, modified, deleted, and their sequences changed, depending on the scope and type of project or task.

Generally, subtasks within a larger project focus on fewer activities and may have different stakeholders and finer grained criteria for success than the project itself.

Definition: Requirements define the capabilities that a system must have (functional) or properties of that system (non-functional) that meet the users' needs to perform a specific set of tasks (within a defined scope).


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