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He's especially interested in his partner's thoughts about life.Long walks along the beach, holding hands and sharing a passionate kiss will be peppered with an ongoing discussion about some tidbit of information he has collected.Libra can see both sides of any situation or question, and this trait makes it very difficult for him to draw conclusions, much less make important decisions.

There's never need worry about a lack of communication with this man since air signs are great communicators.

Unlike his fellow air sign, Gemini, Libra knows when to stop talking and simply listen.

He's also in tune with his emotions, so his partner can openly share her feelings know he'll listen with a sympathetic ear.

Libra enjoys discussing ideas, philosophies, art, life, and just about anything else.

He puts a lot of thought and planning into every romantic touch he brings into her life.

All he wants in return is herr love and, of course, appreciation for his efforts.

He also wants to tell his lover how he feels about her and just how amazing she is.

In fact, he'll tell her this quite often and, hopefully, she'll tell him how special he is.

Dinner will always be served with wine and a bouquet of flowers to grace the table.


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