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The flippers and other hairless parts of the skin are black.The fore-flippers are broader and longer than the hind-flippers and are the primary means of locomotion in water.Mature males may go without eating for 1-2 months while they are aggressively defending their territory.

Adult males, also known as bulls, establish and defend territories on rookeries to mate with females.

Bulls become sexually mature between 3 and 8 years of age, but typically are not large enough to hold territory successfully until 9 or 10 years old.

So sorry for the delay, but as we all know – and in the words of the great Roseanne Roseannadana: “It’s always something…” Pete 11/30/17 I’m still trying to work out some technical issues with Jorge on the two new cams. This will mean the cavity and PTZ cams could be down for some time during the swap. I also made a tweak to our donate pages so it should now accept international donations. I was told that we may be back up before 3pm so I suggest you start checking back in around 1PM. But this evening it was a bit cool (95…) so I reinstalled the compost cam.

Scylla – you mentioned having trouble the other day. Thank you ALL for your contributions on Tuesday (and every other day…) They really are deeply appreciated. She will be on hand to clean the cam lenses from time to time. Pete 9/25/17 The at Starr Ranch tomorrow, Tuesday 9/26. Will likely start around 8AM PST and be out most of the day. Pete 9/1/17 First off, it’s been blistering hot here lately at Starr Ranch. There have been two juvenile Ravens around who have taken a shine to the compost and like to visit it often. I will also be reinstalling the watering hole cam because it is dry, dry, dry here and I’m seeing misc wildlife now even coming in to the drip that is always there. And while Gretchen, Jorge and I still need to fine-tune some stuff on the new cams for the cavity and PTZ I’m hoping to get them up soon.

They are also capable of traveling long distances in a season and can dive to approximately 1300 ft (400 m) in depth.

They use land habitat as haul-out sites for periods of rest, molting, and as rookeries for mating and pupping during the breeding season.

The Steller sea lion, also known as the northern sea lion, is the largest member of the Otariid (eared seal) family.

Steller sea lions exhibit sexual dimorphism, in which adult males are noticeably larger than females and further distinguished by a thick mane of coarse hair.

2/6/18 OK everyone, if you want to guess when the first egg hatches click HERE.


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