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The Content block is appropriate for displaying text and images in most situations and is the most commonly used block.Please see the Concrete5: Basic Editing page to view in-depth videos about the editing interface for the Content block, which include text formatting, links, images and documents. When I look at it, I see the top item on the list is "RCFC Championship...".

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First things first, copy from concrete/blocks/rss_displayer to blocks/rss_displayer.

Next, edit your copy of with the following code: The function get_first_image_url looks at your RSS feed and if it finds an HTML tag matching img, it extracts that tag and its contents and returns $matches.

RSS feeds allow you to provide updated news-streams or information on your website from various sources.

This can be useful when you want to provide live information related to your page topics, for example stocks, or the latest movie reviews.

The number of items to display will limit how many items are shown. Display lets you choose just the title or a title and short paragraph.

Open links in new window controls if a visitor will leave your site or not when they click a link.

If you want to return more than one image, change the number behind $matches from [1] to however many images you want to pull.

The number of items to display will limit how many items are shown. Include summary allows you to include the provided page summaries along with their titles.

This block lets you display content from another RSS feed in your content area. The Date format controls how the date will look and uses a standard formatting syntax.

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