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The RSS displayer block is a great tool for pulling in feeds to your web page, but it does not give you the option to display images. You can use SImple Pie documentation to bring in media elements or additional item tags, but there is no easy solution for pulling in a single graphic from the item content.

For example, I have an RSS feed that looks something like this: If I want to grab the first image that appears in my post, I need to extract the img tag and its contents.

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The number of items to display will limit how many items are shown. Display lets you choose just the title or a title and short paragraph.

Open links in new window controls if a visitor will leave your site or not when they click a link.Concrete5 uses a concept called "blocks" that are essentially containers for different types of content on a web page.These videos will show you how to work with blocks (creating, moving, deleting) and the different kinds of blocks available (content, videos, forms, image galleries, etc).First things first, copy from concrete/blocks/rss_displayer to blocks/rss_displayer.Next, edit your copy of with the following code: The function get_first_image_url looks at your RSS feed and if it finds an HTML tag matching img, it extracts that tag and its contents and returns $matches.Videos on this page: TIP: Having a hard time seeing the details?


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