Best dating profile examples

Pictures of you having a good time with your friends, traveling, doing the hobbies/activity you enjoy, or even you hanging out with a pet can all be used to attract women to your lifestyle.

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If you’re looking for a girl who loves Tim Burton movies, mention it.

When you are specific about exactly what you want in a girl and a relationship, then woman who meet that description and will be blown away when reading your profile.

It shows you’re more than just a job title, and that you’re a man with a heart who makes a positive impact on those around you.

Keeping a positive tone to your profile A lot of the men who have online dating profiles give off the impression that they are lonely and desperate.

The best online dating profiles however, have a completely different tone.

They have a tone that shows a man who has choice in his dating life.

A username can hook a girl instantly, so it’s worth making it a good one.

How to create the best profile Creating a killer online profile takes time and you may not do it on your first try.

For example, rather than saying something like “I’m fun” or “I like having fun with friends”, use a sentence or two and briefly describe a recent fun time you had with your friends. Really paint a picture in her mind and get her to feel the emotion you want to convey.

This will make your profile stand out and really stick with her.

For example, saying “I’m an accountant” and going into details on the day-to-day life of being an accountant isn’t going to be interesting to women.


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