Diablo 3 updating setup files error

was trying to re-open it with the game closed like the first time Edit 2: so I guess I'm fucked on this one. It just runs piece of shit fucking vista and now this is the second time ive been hindered from doing something because of the version of windows I'm using.

But now it refuses to open and is saying my key is already in use? Edit: Nvm, loading the bot while I was on d3 worked. The PC I'm using has pretty good shit for being 10 years old.

So you can still download Diablo III in and then sign-in after launching the game.

Then I was able to play just fine, even co-op worked great.

Diablo 3 is the long awaited successor to Diablo 2.

We all waited 12 years to see what Blizzard Entertainment would conjure up to renew the franchise. Return to the town of Tristram with new classes, weapons, loot and beautiful graphics.

I closed it, re-opened, got another error, figured it out from here again.

So I just started to try and use this, I opened it once but got an error so I came here. Upload Values(String address, String method, Name Value Collection data) at .) gnirt S( at Ju|\]p X\{zjh Jn/xkn6U#.‮‎‌​‫‬‬‎​​‪‌‪‏‍‫‮‮‪‪‏‏‎‌‭‫‭‮.‎‬‫‏‫‌‎‏‌‌‫​‎‮‪‎‍‭‭‌‮‌‌‫‌‭​​‮() bei ‪‌‬‬‪‪‎‭‍‭‬‏‏‭‫​‌‮‏‬​‍‎‮‮.‮‪‭‎‭‏‫‎‫‪‌‭‏‪‬‬‪​‎‭‬‌‏‌‮‎‮‮.‍‌‬‎‌‌‭‬​‮‭‫‌‫​‭‍‏‌‫‫‬‮‮() bei System. So after today's D3 update (2/2/2016) I get the following error when trying to start the Bot: "Your verison of Diablo III is and Ro S-Bo T is compatible with version," Is there an update forthcoming? You may have to update more than once, and this does take a while. The remote server returned an error 401, unauthorized, at web.client.uploadvalues (uri address , string method , namevaluecollection data ) at web.client.uploadvalues (uri address , string method , namevaluecollection data )(. I will list them so you as the user knows what to try. Update your copy of Windows, using the Update Manager. This error is usually one of those 4 reasons listed above, try them first then if they do not work, post about it asking for help. Click on the right mouse button and choose "Properties".


  1. Match up your lock and keys as you mingle to earn prizes.

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