Poedit error updating the catalog failed row cannot be located for updating access 2016

You will see on top, quite a few lines that are enclosed with double quotes.

You don’t need to understand what this does (unless you want to), as it requires you to really understand how gettext works.

A list of plural forms for other languages that can be used with Poedit can be found here, and if you absolutely need to know what, why and how to design your plural form, you can read this.

The client also wants to see progress, so you give him access to the development server.

You install Word Press, install a theme, install all necessary plugins, and start copying the content that he gave you. You have an English Word Press installation, with a hard-coded Greek theme.

In order to add a plural form, open your file into Poedit, and from the label, enter your plural form.

Alternatively, you can open your file using a text editor.Indeed, each language has it’s own peculiarities on plurals, and gettext needs to know how to handle them.English and Greek use the same plural form: (true).as 1 says the first parameter is the first plural (it doesn’t care really if it’s plural or not, it cares it has to translate it) and 2c says the second parameter is a comment, that is, the disambiguation text (context).For all of you that don’t see your disambiguation text (context) in Poedit, this is what is needed.If you can’t find it, just add it in a new line: , didn’t you?

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