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You don’t need to understand what this does (unless you want to), as it requires you to really understand how gettext works.

as 1 says the first parameter is the first plural (it doesn’t care really if it’s plural or not, it cares it has to translate it) and 2c says the second parameter is a comment, that is, the disambiguation text (context).

For all of you that don’t see your disambiguation text (context) in Poedit, this is what is needed.

(double dot) on the paths, or if you are editing the manually, discard the “X-Poedit-Search Path-1: ..\n” Now, let’s go to the good part.

All the tutorials that I gave you, along with those that I didn’t give you, mention that you should add the functions __() and _e() in the Sources Keywords tab. Even less mention that when adding _x() and _n() there is a need of some cryptic numbers after them.

You will see on top, quite a few lines that are enclosed with double quotes.

Search for the one that starts with “Plural-Forms: and append your form before the \n” (backslash-n-double-quote).There are a lot of excellent tutorials on the web regarding how to prepare your Word Press theme for translation, as well as how to translate it using Poedit. The reason I’m writing this post, is the failure of every other post I’ve read to properly inform me on how to “configure” Poedit for use with Word Press. I also found troubles when actually translating a website from Greek to English.I am not going to repeat what already has been written, so here is a small list of tutorials on the subject (in case you are too lazy to search for them): These should be enough to get things started and do things properly, right? You definitely need to read the following two articles by Otto: No you are not. Let’s start by a simple rule: And here is why: It’s very common that you need a website in [insert random language] (let’s call it Greek) and English.So, go on, add them in your file’s doesn’t need any numbers, as it only accepts two default parameters: the text to be translated and the domain.Any function that only accepts a text and a domain, doesn’t need the colon and the numbers.Setting the base path to a dot, means that we instruct Poedit to set the base path to wherever the file lives.

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