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Take responsibility for your own actions and attitudes …Tori and Dean walked into Aaron’s service and took seats in the back row. We have a pattern, and until we can break it hand in hand, this is going to be the little dance she and I do together.It was very emotional because I didn’t know if she was going to show up. "Candy reaches out often to see them and unfortunately Tori and Dean are not often responsive," her rep continued.

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They are his beloved wife of 37 years, Candy, and their eldest child, Tori.

You may have heard of Candy and Tori, or at least seen them plastered across the US supermarket glossies.

She swiftly informed the world that she was now suddenly penniless, signed a reality TV deal to make a show about her new life in poverty, and told the world that she blamed her mother. Since then, their feud has been one of Hollywood’s favourite blood sports.

Both women have traded insults through websites, Twitter feeds, daytime chatshows, and countless magazine covers.

He made his way down the aisle, smiling, shaking everybody’s hands and of course talking.

He told me he thanked everyone for watching his shows over the years.They have, on an almost daily basis, accused each other of rudeness, child neglect, and good old-fashioned greed.And last week, their conflict entered one of its periodic “nuclear” phases.In the latest episode: Arielle Kebbel dishes on how she told her parents about her Fifty Shades Freed role, and Black Panther stars name the real-life heroes that inspired their characters. The “fight” between Linda Evans and Joan Collins, dragging each other around in the water, became instant camp; and we laughed when we heard stories about how fans were re-creating the scene at parties. On Wednesday, Dean – who revealed he's leaving his Lifetime series "True Tori" – was asked about his family's relationship with wife Tori's mom, Candy Spelling.

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