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“They’re not even at their peak and they’re a dangerous team,” Tim Hardaway Jr. The Rockets (6-3), coming off Monday’s home loss to Philadelphia, were missing Chris Paul, who will be sidelined at least another two weeks with knee soreness.

New York State Business Law Section 130 prohibits anyone from doing business under a name other than his / her own or as a partnership unless an Assumed Name Certificate is filed in the Clerk's Office.

(These certificates are also very loosely referred to as "Doing Business As" (DBA) certificates.) Assumed Name Certificates or Business Certificates must contain specific information, such as the names, addresses, and ages (ONLY if under 18) of the persons filing the Certificate.

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The County Clerk's Office always looking for ways to help our citizens interested in starting a new business in Erie County.This is the Knicks team we are expecting to see for most of the season: unorganized defensively, not executing properly and outclassed by a contending team with a bona fide superstar.Why couldn’t the Cleveland Cavaliers do what the Houston Rockets did to the Knicks?There is NO insider information posted or any guarantee or warranty to the validity of any Starters or information posted. The Department of Labor Career Zone website is provided in English.By Kevin Wickersham Useful goaltenders are often a rare fantasy commodity.


  1. Before Schwarzer's productions, erotic films were provided by the Pathé brothers from French produced sources.

  2. Das Spiel rief bei zahlreichen Frauen-, sowie indianischen Organisationen Proteste hervor.

  3. Nothing kills momentum more than having to scream “What?? And maybe you’re not as much of a “film buff” as your profile makes you out to be.

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