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Sixty-six percent of these students reported that they had not attended office hours for the course in question.The remaining third had been to the instructor’s office once.For more on office hours, including strategies for getting students to attend, read Office Hours Redux » Reference: Griffin, W.

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They find satisfaction in challenging teachers mentally, socially, and physically.

This article is about when this sort of behavior goes too far. In schools today teachers can struggle to keep control of a classroom full of students.

Technology has shifted the balance of power in favor of the students, who can go home and ruin their teacher’s reputation very easily by using social media, texting and instant messaging.

They may spread rumors to their school friends and others about the teacher.

I see that being true of some of the characteristics, for example course level, class size, whether the course is required, and whether the student has opted for tutoring, but not for others. Obviously, on any given day they have other commitments, but still there are discretionary time blocks.

And true, instructors usually don’t get to pick their office locations, but just because they’re called office hours doesn’t mean that’s where the meeting has to take place.

Plus, it’s embarrassing to have to ask for help, especially when the person you’re asking talks about how it’s easy and obvious.

And what if the answer leaves you more confused, not less?

Although we hold office hours as a way of supporting students, they benefit us as well.


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