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The harmful reality of absurd gender norms is they create an inter generational culture of bullying, rigorous conformity to bs rules, and sexist expectations.— Miriam Brett (@Miriam Brett) December 26, 2017This conversation extends past Hamilton teasing his relative.

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Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton has received a lot of backlash over the past two days after he posted a video of himself seeming to admonish his young nephew for wearing a princess dress on Christmas, BBC reports. So horrified and distressed by Lewis Hamilton’s abusive and toxic reaction. Vile.— James Rhodes (@JRhodes Pianist) December 26, 2017watching the lewis hamilton vid actually excruciating, that little boy was me at that age, and all i ever heard was grown men like hamilton shouting at me for it.

The video, which Hamilton has since deleted from his account, was captured and shared on Twitter by at least one social media user."I'm so sad right now," Hamilton shared with his 5.7 million followers in an Instagram Story. now 18 years on i'm still so conscious of how i behave & present in front of masculine performing men FUCK THAT— jakk (@jakkhayes) December 26, 2017This Lewis Hamilton thing just shows us that male fragility is more important than a child’s happiness and ability to express themselves.

On Tuesday, the race car driver apologized to fans in a series of tweets, saying that was "playing" with his nephew and "meant no harm and did not mean to offend anyone at all." He also added that he loves that his nephew "feels free to express himself as we all should" and recognized that stereotypes can cause long-lasting damage.

Yesterday I was playing around with my nephew and realised that my words were inappropriate so I removed the post.

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He wore the daring get-up with chunky boots a polo neck and thick chains - complementary to Donatella's dress - as well as handkerchief to match her print.

Dontalla Versace arrived on the arm of Lewis Hamilton to the British Fashion Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Naturally, Donatella wore one of her own designs that she had custom-made.

"He is pure racer, with an undeniable talent at the wheel and a rare instinct for what it takes to compete consistently at this level.

"Coupled with a committed work ethic and a mature approach to learning his craft that belies his years, Max is right to be hungry for success and we are looking forward to extending that journey with him in our hunt for Formula 1 world championships.

The print was seen woven throughout the spring 2018 collection but she had chosen to create a glamorous A-line gown with a sexy split especially for the event.

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