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This notice shall be posted in a place readily accessible to patients and in a format easily seen by patients. The receiving facility shall attempt to notify the minor’s parent, guardian, caregiver, or guardian advocate until the receiving facility receives confirmation from the parent, guardian, caregiver, or guardian advocate, verbally, by telephone or other form of electronic communication, or by recorded message, that notification has been received. The guardian or guardian advocate shall be provided access to the appropriate clinical records of the patient. This notice shall include a statement that provisions of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act apply and the name and telephone number of a person to contact for further information. 39.201, based upon knowledge or suspicion of abuse, abandonment, or neglect and if the facility deems a delay in notification to be in the minor’s best interest. The patient or the patient’s guardian authorizes the release.

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The department is authorized to designate and monitor receiving facilities, treatment facilities, and receiving systems and may suspend or withdraw such designation for failure to comply with this part and rules adopted under this part. When the administrator of the facility or secretary of the department deems release to a qualified researcher as defined in administrative rule, an aftercare treatment provider, or an employee or agent of the department is necessary for treatment of the patient, maintenance of adequate records, compilation of treatment data, aftercare planning, or evaluation of programs.

Notice that the individual, the individual’s guardian, guardian advocate, health care surrogate or proxy, or representative, or the administrator may apply for a change of venue for the convenience of the parties or witnesses or because of the condition of the individual. When such declaration has been made, the administrator may authorize the release of sufficient information to provide adequate warning to the person threatened with harm by the patient.

The term does not include a program or an entity licensed under chapter 400 or chapter 429.“Guardian advocate” means a person appointed by a court to make decisions regarding mental health treatment on behalf of a patient who has been found incompetent to consent to treatment pursuant to this part.“Incompetent to consent to treatment” means a state in which a person’s judgment is so affected by a mental illness or a substance abuse impairment that he or she lacks the capacity to make a well-reasoned, willful, and knowing decision concerning his or her medical, mental health, or substance abuse treatment.“Mental health overlay program” means a mobile service that provides an independent examination for voluntary admission and a range of supplemental onsite services to persons with a mental illness in a residential setting such as a nursing home, an assisted living facility, or an adult family-care home or a nonresidential setting such as an adult day care center. Private facilities designated as receiving and treatment facilities by the department may provide examination and treatment of involuntary patients, as well as voluntary patients, and are subject to all the provisions of this part. If the patient’s right to inspect his or her clinical record is restricted by the facility, written notice of such restriction shall be given to the patient and the patient’s guardian, guardian advocate, attorney, and representative.

490.003(7) with 3 years of postdoctoral experience in the practice of clinical psychology, inclusive of the experience required for licensure, or a psychologist employed by a facility operated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs that qualifies as a receiving or treatment facility under this part.“Clinical record” means all parts of the record required to be maintained and includes all medical records, progress notes, charts, and admission and discharge data, and all other information recorded by facility staff which pertains to the patient’s hospitalization or treatment.“Community mental health center or clinic” means a publicly funded, not-for-profit center that contracts with the department for the provision of inpatient, outpatient, day treatment, or emergency services.“Designated receiving facility” means a facility approved by the department which may be a public or private hospital, crisis stabilization unit, or addictions receiving facility; which provides, at a minimum, emergency screening, evaluation, and short-term stabilization for mental health or substance abuse disorders; and which may have an agreement with a corresponding facility for transportation and services.“Express and informed consent” means consent voluntarily given in writing, by a competent person, after sufficient explanation and disclosure of the subject matter involved to enable the person to make a knowing and willful decision without any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, or other form of constraint or coercion.“Facility” means any hospital, community facility, public or private facility, or receiving or treatment facility providing for the evaluation, diagnosis, care, treatment, training, or hospitalization of persons who appear to have or who have been diagnosed as having a mental illness or substance abuse impairment. Any other facility, including a private facility or a federal facility, may be designated as a treatment facility by the department, provided that such designation is agreed to by the appropriate governing body or authority of the facility. Patients shall have reasonable access to their clinical records, unless such access is determined by the patient’s physician to be harmful to the patient.

Patients treated in facilities of the United States Government shall be solely those whose care is the responsibility of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.“Triage center” means a facility that has medical, mental health, and substance abuse professionals present or on call to provide emergency screening and evaluation for mental health or substance abuse disorders for individuals transported to the center by a law enforcement officer.s. Procedures for receiving complaints against a designated facility or designated receiving system and for initiating inspections and investigations of facilities or receiving systems alleged to have violated the provisions of this part or rules adopted under this part.s. When a law enforcement officer takes custody of a person pursuant to this part, the officer may request assistance from emergency medical personnel if such assistance is needed for the safety of the officer or the person in custody.

39.01.“Substance abuse impairment” means a condition involving the use of alcoholic beverages or any psychoactive or mood-altering substance in such a manner that a person has lost the power of self-control and has inflicted or is likely to inflict physical harm on himself, herself, or another.“Treatment facility” means a state-owned, state-operated, or state-supported hospital, center, or clinic designated by the department for extended treatment and hospitalization, beyond that provided for by a receiving facility, of persons who have a mental illness, including facilities of the United States Government, and any private facility designated by the department when rendering such services to a person pursuant to the provisions of this part. Procedures and criteria for designating receiving systems which may include consideration of the adequacy of services provided by facilities within the receiving system to meet the needs of the geographic area using available resources. Such company must be insured and provide no less than 0,000 in liability insurance with respect to the transport of patients.

To authorize and direct the Department of Children and Families to evaluate, research, plan, and recommend to the Governor and the Legislature programs designed to reduce the occurrence, severity, duration, and disabling aspects of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. Persons who meet the statutory guidelines for involuntary admission pursuant to s.

That treatment programs for such disorders include, but not be limited to, comprehensive health, social, educational, and rehabilitative services to persons requiring intensive short-term and continued treatment in order to encourage them to assume responsibility for their treatment and recovery. 397.675 may also be transported by law enforcement officers to the extent resources are available and as otherwise provided by law.

The department may designate any state-owned, state-operated, or state-supported facility as a state treatment facility. Information from clinical records may be used by the Agency for Health Care Administration, the department, and the Florida advocacy councils for the purpose of monitoring facility activity and complaints concerning facilities.

Any other facility within the state, including a private facility or a federal facility, may be so designated by the department, provided that such designation is agreed to by the governing body or authority of the facility. 394.4655(7)(b)2., in accordance with state and federal law.

490.003(7); or a psychiatric nurse as defined in this section.“Receiving facility” means a public or private facility or hospital designated by the department to receive and hold or refer, as appropriate, involuntary patients under emergency conditions for mental health or substance abuse evaluation and to provide treatment or transportation to the appropriate service provider. A physical restraint, including any manual method or physical or mechanical device, material, or equipment attached or adjacent to an individual’s body so that he or she cannot easily remove the restraint and which restricts freedom of movement or normal access to one’s body. The report shall be submitted to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. When multiple counties enter into a memorandum of understanding for this purpose, the counties shall notify the managing entity and provide it with a copy of the agreement. The plan shall comply with the transportation provisions of this section and ss. Each county shall designate a single law enforcement agency within the county, or portions thereof, to take a person into custody upon the entry of an ex parte order or the execution of a certificate for involuntary examination by an authorized professional and to transport that person to the appropriate facility within the designated receiving system pursuant to a transportation plan or an exception under subsection (4), or to the nearest receiving facility if neither apply.


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